Training: Completing a 7002 Application


Video Contents

00:00 Starting the Application, First Page, Getting Back Into the Application
02:02 Entering Eligible Federal Acres
03:03 Entering Other Federal Revenue
03:41 Entering Total Acres in the LEA and Total Taxable Value of the LEA, Uploading Certification of Taxable Value
04:31 Entering Tax Rate for Current Expenditures
04:58 Application Review Page and Submitting for Signature
05:53 Signing and Submitting the Application

Quick Tips

  • Don’t start your application until all user accounts have been created for your LEA.
  • You will be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.  Click the “Save and Exit” button when you stop working to ensure all of your edits are saved.
  • Use the “Ask for Help” link at the top of the application page to send your Impact Aid analyst questions.
  • Hover your mouse over blue question marks to see explanatory information.
  • An “existing” property means it is one that you can find in the Federal Properties database, accessible on the top, blue menu bar.  If you can’t find it in the database, it is a “new” property.
  • If you click a button and nothing happens, it’s likely there is an error on the page.  Scroll up and look for red highlights and/or red text to find the error.