How to Apply for 7003 Video

00:00 Starting the Application
01:20 Instructions, Ask for Help, Updating Contact Information
03:28 Searching the Federal Property Database
04:59 Getting Back Into Your Application
05:48 Filling Out Page 1
09:24 Deleting, Saving, and Exiting; Fixing Errors
11:21 Filling Out Page 2
12:10 Indian Lands – IPPs and Adding Children to a Pre-Filled Property
14:54 Entering Children Who Both Live On and Work On Federal Property; Adding New Property (not in the database)
17:18 Entering Children that Live On (only) or Work On (only) and the Eligibility Criteria for These Categories
19:46 Application Review Page and Submitting for Signature
22:42 Completing the Application Signature Task