April 2024 – News You Can Use

Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Appropriation News 

On March 23, 2024, the President signed the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024. The act includes provisions for Impact Aid as follows: 

  • $1,474,000,000 for basic support payments under section 7003(b),  
  • $48,316,000 for payments for children with disabilities under section 7003(d),  
  • $19,000,000 for construction under section 7007(a) [formula grants],  
  • $79,000,000 for Federal property payments under section 7002, and  
  • $4,835,000 for facilities maintenance under section 7008 [for Department of Education-owned schools].  

It takes several weeks for the funds to make their way through the Department of Treasury, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and to the Department of Education, where they will finally be allotted to our account for distribution.   We have started making Section 7003(b) interim payments at a proration of 100% using an “above the continuing resolution” increase of $397 million that OMB granted Impact Aid in mid-March, based on our historical rate of obligations.  We are able to pay at a higher proration than the usual 90% interim rate because the FY 2024 maximum payment data is close to final, and we received an increase in appropriated funds for basic support.  We will finish sending out the remainder of interim payments as soon as our full-year funds are available in our accounts.  At that time, we will also raise the rate for 7003(d) payments to send out additional Children with Disabilities funds.  We expect all interim 7003 payments to be released before the end of April. 

Amending FY 2025 Applications 

The deadline to submit an amendment is June 30, 2024.  

Please visit this training page to view our amendment user guide, quick tips and short video to assist you in completing an application amendment through the Impact Aid Grant System (IAGS).  

Upcoming Webinars 

Does your local educational agency have staff who are new to Impact Aid or need a refresher? 

Join the Impact Aid staff in an upcoming webinar.  Our webinars are FREE and open to all. Click this link for a complete schedule through September 2024.    

Topic  Date  Eastern Time  Pacific Time  Link to Register 
The 7003 Payment Formula  4/25/2024  2 PM  11 AM  Register Here 


Electronic Data Collection  5/21/2024  2PM  11 AM  Register Here 



Faatimah Muhammad, 

Impact Aid Program Director