Army Installation Name Changes

The Department of Defense is in the process of changing the name of nine Army installations that were named after Confederate leaders.  Below is a list of the affected installations along with the effective date of the name change.

We are updating the property database in IAGS to reflect the new name.  Please use this information to update your parent-pupil survey forms and source check forms for the upcoming school year if necessary.

Former Name State New Name

Effective Date

Fort Pickett Virginia Fort Barfoot

March 24, 2023

Fort Rucker Alabama Fort Novosel

April 10, 2023

Fort Lee Virginia Fort Gregg-Adams

April 27, 2023

Fort Hood Texas Fort Cavazos

May 9, 2023

Fort Benning Georgia Fort Moore

May 11, 2023

Fort Bragg North Carolina Fort Liberty

June 2, 2023

Fort Polk Louisiana Fort Johnson

June 13, 2023

Fort A.P. Hill Virginia Fort Walker

August 25, 2023

Fort Gordon Georgia Fort Eisenhower

October 27, 2023