Sign in with – Instructions and Troubleshooting

The Impact Aid Grant System (IAGS) is strengthening its security at the Department of Education which will affect you beginning August 29, 2023. All users who do not have an email account must use a account credential to access IAGS after August 29, 2023. By making this change, you will make your account more secure from phishing and other cybercriminal acts. This change is a direct response to memorandums sent by the White House (M-22-17 and M-22-09) that require the use of an additional levels of security for all users.

To learn more about how to make an account with or how to add security measures to your account, please reference the instructions on  You will be prompted to complete identity verification the first time you use your account to sign in to IAGS.  This requires a copy of your driver’s license or state ID, your social security number, and a phone number.

How will the account setup work?

Please see this slide deck (PDF) outlining the entire process with screenshots.  We have also compiled FAQs into a MS Word document.

Can I use a account that I already have to access IAGS?

You may use an existing account, however you must add the email address that you use to access IAGS to your profile if the email address you currently use for is different. Instructions for adding an alternate email address are at Make sure that you enter the email that matches your IAGS username when you sign on with

Will I need to complete identity verification every time I need to log in to IAGS?

No, you will do this only once.  The next time you log in, you will need to provide your username, password, and authentication method only. Self-Service Troubleshooting Guide​

Click the + button to find more information about each error below.

A 401 “unauthorized access” error message means the IAGS system cannot match the username (email address) entered in the portal with an IAGS account username.

The error may occur if there is no IAGS account associated with the email address the user entered on


When prompted on the Impact Aid Grant System sign-in page, enter the email that is your IAGS Username. You should have already added this email address to your account. The email address you enter MUST BE THE ONE ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR IAGS ACCOUNT. uses the same password and second authentication method for any email address associated with your account.

If you are still getting a 401 error after taking these steps, confirm with your LEA’s core user that you have an active account with the correct email address. If you are your LEA’s core user, contact your state analyst.

A 403 “forbidden access” error message means the URL/link to the IAGS system is not accessible by the given user.


Click the “Return” hyperlink at the bottom of the error message. Typically, this will reroute the user to the appropriate URL ( Bookmark this page and use it going forward.

If this link nor the “return” hyperlink work, please contact your state analyst.

The user’s state-issued photo identification cannot be verified due to a blurry or poor-quality image, expired ID, etc.


Provide a clear picture of a state-issued photo identification (ID), such as a driver’s license.  The ID must be current (not expired).  Passports, military, or school identification cards will not work.  Make sure you are taking the photo in a well-lit area (near a window during the daytime) or try taking a photo with a different device.

If will not accept the photo of your ID, you will need to verify your ID in person at a post office. will provide this option when your photo is not of acceptable quality. Please see the instructions on in person verification from  Impact Aid staff cannot help with this problem.  You can reach the helpdesk at (844) 875-6446.

During the verification process will send a code via text message or through a voice call. If the phone number can’t be found the user cannot complete the verification process online.


You cannot use a VOIP number or a phone number with an extension.  You can use a home or work number, a landline or a cell phone number. recommends using your “primary” phone number (the one you use most often).

If the phone method is not working, you can opt to complete the process by mail. It will take 5-10 business days for the user to receive their code in the mail.  Please see instructions on verifying by mail from  Impact Aid staff cannot help with this problem.  You can reach the helpdesk at (844) 875-6446.

Verifying your identity involves matching information on your State ID with your Social Security record and your phone number or mailing address. One of the pieces of information you entered during the verification process does not match the other sources.

The majority of the very small number of cases that we know of have involved a person in the process of a legal name change.


There are no current solutions for this issue. Please have another person in your LEA sign up for an account.