Sign in with – Instructions and FAQs

The Impact Aid Grant System (IAGS) is strengthening its security at the Department of Education which will affect you beginning August 29, 2023. All users who do not have an email account must use a account credential to access IAGS after August 29, 2023. By making this change, you will make your account more secure from phishing and other cybercriminal acts. This change is a direct response to memorandums sent by the White House (M-22-17 and M-22-09) that require the use of an additional levels of security for all users.

To learn more about how to make an account with or how to add security measures to your account, please reference the instructions on  You will be prompted to complete identity verification the first time you use your account to sign in to IAGS.  This requires a copy of your driver’s license or state ID, your social security number, and a phone number.

How will the account setup work?

Please see this slide deck (PDF) outlining the entire process with screenshots.  We have also compiled FAQs into a MS Word document.

Can I use a account that I already have to access IAGS?

You may use an existing account, however you must add the email address that you use to access IAGS to your profile if the email address you currently use for is different. Instructions for adding an alternate email address are at Make sure that you enter the email that matches your IAGS username when you sign on with

Will I need to complete identity verification every time I need to log in to IAGS?

No, you will do this only once.  The next time you log in, you will need to provide your username, password, and authentication method only.