Training: Managing User Accounts, for Core Users Only

Download the User Management User Guide (PDF) for detailed information with screenshots on setting up your LEA’s secondary users and giving them permission to edit the application and/or sign the application assurances.

Quick Tips

  • Create your two secondary user accounts and designate each user’s security role before starting a 7002 or 7003 application.  This will ensure that everyone who can edit the application will be able to see the application in their task list.
  • To deactivate an account your LEA no longer requires:
  1. On the users page, click the profile icon next to the account that you want to delete.  (This may be a picture of the person, if they have uploaded one, or a gray shadow.)
  2. On the next page, under the person’s name, click the link for Security.  Choose the “Manage LEA User’s Security” button on the top right.
  3. Delete your LEA’s name each time it appears by clicking the X next to its name.
  4. Uncheck the role type selection for all security roles.
  5. Click the submit button.