Final FY 2024 Payments Released – ALL PROGRAMS

The Impact Aid Program Office is thrilled to announce that as of June 20, 2024, we have made the final payments for all sections of 7003(b) Basic Support Payments, 7003(d) Children with Disabilities, 7002 Federal Property, and 7007(a) Formula Construction for fiscal year 2024. This marks the first time in the 74-year history of the program that the office has completed final payments within the same fiscal year. 

Section 7003(b) Basic Support payments were made with a ratable increase to LOT of 3.41%, and section 7003(d) payments for Children with Disabilities were disbursed at a rate of $1,302.52 per Weighted Student Unit. 

The provided data represents payments completed to date and excludes the final payment to districts that have requested payments blocks for FY 2024.

Additional details are provided below. 

Payment Type 

Number of LEAs 

Total Funds 

7002 – Foundation 



7002 – Remaining Funds 



7003(b) – Basic Support 




7003(b)(2) – Heavily Impacted 




7003(e) – Basic Support Hold Harmless 



7003(d) – Children with Disabilities




7007(a) – Formula Construction, Indian Lands 



7007(a) – Formula Construction, Uniformed Services 



I would also like to take a moment to express my gratitude to my staff for achieving this significant milestone in the program’s history. We are proud to serve federally connected children. 

All the best,