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Sample Source Check Form

Are you using our most recent sample source check form? We revised our sample source check form in 2019 to better align with how the Impact Aid Grant system (IAGS) application requests your child counts.  A number of LEAs are still using an old source check template, which can make filling out your application and being monitored more difficult that it needs to be.  If the source check template that you are using refers to “tables” or is in Microsoft Word format, it is not the most current version.

IAGS captures student counts based on federal connection by categories (A-G) and by Federal property, and no longer uses Tables 1-5.  Our current sample source check form is a Microsoft Excel form, making it easier to add rows and count eligible children.  The Excel worksheet has tabs at the bottom for each of the Federally connected categories and Federal property type. Each tab has the appropriate signature block(s) for your certifier(s). When doing your survey for the 2023-24 school year, use our revised source check form by downloading the Excel file here.

Records Retention Requirements

Do you have old Section 7003 Impact Aid forms piling up? The Impact Aid regulation specifies that all application documentation (including survey forms and source checks) must be retained for 3 years after receipt of the final payment for that application.  This chart shows the final payment dates and retention schedule for recent fiscal years:

Application Fiscal Year Final Payment Date Retain Records Until School Year of Records
2021 5/8/2023 5/8/2026 2019-2020
2020 4/23/2021 4/23/2024 2018-2019
2019 3/6/2020 3/6/2023 2017-2018
2018 4/9/2019 4/9/2022 2016-2017
2017 8/19/2018 8/19/2021 2015-2016

Upcoming Impact Aid Webinar

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Overview of Section 7003 (Payments for Federally Connected Children) 

July 13, 2023

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

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 FY 2023 Payments

To date, Impact Aid has released initial and interim payments at a 90% proration and $1,050 per weighted student unit for Children with Disabilities (CWD) to all eligible districts. Generally Comparable District and Heavily Impacted adjustments are complete.