March 2023 News You Can Use

FY 2024 Monitoring Notifications

Monitoring notifications for the fiscal year (FY) 2024 application have been emailed to certain grantees. If you have received one of these notifications and need assistance you should contact the Impact Aid analyst listed on your monitoring notification email.  Our March webinars will specifically focus on providing monitoring assistance to districts that were selected for monitoring. Registration links for those webinars have been sent out in the monitoring notices.   

IAGS Account Deactivation Warnings

This month, we are sending every active Impact Aid Grant System (IAGS) user an email reminder that their account will be deactivated if the password has not been changed in the last 120 days.  Unfortunately, we are unable to send a targeted email to users who are in danger of being deactivated soon.  You may have received this message twice this week, and we regret this error.  It is a legitimate message, and you will not receive another reminder until June. 

 Late FY 2024 Applications

Did you miss the application deadline?  There is still time to apply for Impact Aid!  The FY 2024 late application deadline for Section 7002 and Section 7003 is April 3, 2023.  Late applications are assessed a 10% payment penalty. 

 Amending FY 2024 Applications

Do you need to amend your original application submission?  To start an amendment, log in to the Impact Aid Grant System, navigate to the local educational agency (LEA) summary page, and locate the section labeled “Applications.”  Select the FY 2024 application submission and at the application summary page, click the button “Start a 7002 or 7003 Amendment”.  For step-by-step instructions, watch our instructional video on Starting an Application Amendment. The deadline to submit an amendment is June 30, 2023. 

 FY 2021 Final Payments

In the coming weeks Impact Aid will provide an update regarding the status and timeline for final payments for FY 2021.

 FY 2023 Initial Payments

To date, Impact Aid has released initial payments at a 50% proration and $500 per weighted student unit for Children with Disabilities (CWD) to all eligible districts. Next, we will begin processing interim payments at 90% proration and CWD at a weighted student unit rate of $1,050.