October 2023 – News You Can Use

Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Initial Payments

The Federal government is operating under a Continuing Resolution for FY 2024, which provides a small percentage of Impact Aid funding appropriated for FY 2023, through November 17, 2023.  The Impact Aid Program has begun releasing basic support payments for local educational agencies (LEAs) that have requested an early payment.  We have released 767 basic support payments set at 50% proration and 106 payments for Children with Disabilities at a rate of $500 per weighted student unit.

If your LEA will require an FY 2024 initial Impact Aid payment before December 31, 2023 to meet operational expenses, you can request an expedited payment through the Impact Aid Grant System (IAGS). Go to this link for instructions for submitting the request through IAGS.  We will release additional payments as we receive additional funds in the future.

FY 2022 Closeout

We have completely closed out FY 2022.  The final 7003 (b) and (d) payments were made on September 11, 2023.  Final 7002 payments were made on October 3, 2023, and final 7007(a) formula construction final payments were made on October 10, 2023.  Please check IAGS for your vouchers.  You will be able to dispose of your supporting documents for the FY 2022 application in October 2026.

IAGS Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

As of August 29, 2023, to meet current cybersecurity requirements, the IAGS requires school district and state users to access the IAGS through an identity verified Login.gov account.  If you need help with your Login.gov account set-up, see this slide deck with detailed instructions and screenshots or our Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.  Impact Aid staff are unable to assist you with Login.gov identity verification, password, or authentication issues.  The Login.gov helpdesk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached through https://login.gov/help or by phone at (844) 875-6466.

Upcoming Webinars – New Schedule

Does your LEA have staff who are new to Impact Aid or need a refresher?

Join the Impact Aid staff in an upcoming webinar.  Our webinars are FREE and open to all. Click this link for a complete schedule through September 2024 or check out this month’s offerings below.

Topic Date Eastern Time Pacific Time Link to Register
How To Conduct a Survey 10/16/2023 2 PM 11 AM Register Here
Section 7003 Overview 11/7/2023 3 PM 12 PM Register Here
The 7003 Payment Formula 11/16/2023 3 PM 12 PM Register Here