Section 7002 Basics

Payments for Federal Property

Section 7002 provides funding for eligible school districts that experience a substantial and continuing financial burden due to the acquisition of real property by the United States. To demonstrate eligibility, applicants must provide documentation showing record of the acquisition of real property, the assessed valuation of the acquired real property at the time of acquisition and assessed valuation of the school district at the time of acquisition.

In general, eligible LEAs must demonstrate that the United States owns Federal property in the local educational agency, and that property:

  • has been acquired by the United States since 1938;
  • was not acquired by exchange for other Federal property; and
  • had an assessed value of a least 10 percent of the assessed value of all real property in the local educational agency at the time or times of acquisition.
Eligibility Resources
  • Use the sample Exhibit A form from our resources page to list individual acquisitions in chronological order.
  • Use the sample Exhibit B form from our resources page to list acquisitions and assessed valuations by year and calculate assessed valuation percentage(s).

LEAs must apply online by January 31 each year through the Impact Aid Grant System (IAGS).

To apply, you will need access to the IAGS or make sure your account is activated. Click here to request an account. Click here to request account reactivation.

Application Resources