Training: Amending an Impact Aid Application


Download the Amendments User Guide (PDF) for detailed navigation instructions, including screenshots.

Quick Tips

  • The deadline to amend your FY 2025 application is July 1, 2024.
  • An amendment will require a signature from your LEA’s core user, or other person they have designated as a signatory.
  • Changes that you make through the amendment process will not be visible on your application record under the LEA menu until your changes are approved by your state analyst.  You will receive an email when your changes can be viewed in IAGS.  If you would like a copy of your changes before they are approved and visible to you, please print the amendment task before submitting it.
  • Start an amendment only when you are sure what changes you want to make.
    • Starting an amendment stops the Department of Education’s review of your original application.
    • The review will not start again until the amended application is signed and submitted.
    • Depending on the changes you make, your application may need to start at the beginning of the review workflow.
    • It is possible to submit multiple amendments, but it is best to limit the number as much as possible.
      • If you see the application status is “Amendment Review” it means that Impact Aid staff have not approved the amendment you previously submitted, and they will need to do so before you can start another amendment.
      • If you need to submit additional changes prior to the amendment deadline, and your prior amendment is still under review, please use the “Get Help” button on the blue menu above to request expedited processing of your first amendment.