Contact Impact Aid Staff

For grants under Section 7002 (Payments for Federal Property), please contact:

  • Nanette Dunham for Alabama through Minnesota, and Oklahoma LEAs A-K
  • Melissa Torchon-Duke for Mississippi through Wyoming, and Oklahoma LEAs L-Z

For grants under Section 7003 (Payments for Federally Connected Children), use the chart below to find your contact by state, or jump to phone numbers and emails.

State First Contact Second Contact
Alabama Torchon-Duke Edwards
Alaska Gregory Edwards
Arizona Gregory Eggleston
Arkansas Di Taranto Thomas
California (A-L) Montgomery-Jackson Ognibene
California (M-Z) Dunham Spruill
Colorado Edwards Di Taranto
Connecticut Di Taranto Thomas
Delaware Di Taranto Thomas
District of Columbia Edwards Matthews
Florida Thomas Matthews
Georgia Gregory Matthews
Hawaii Villalobos Montgomery-Jackson
Idaho Edwards Di Taranto
Illinois Eggleston Matthews
Indiana Thomas Di Taranto
Iowa Thomas Di Taranto
Kansas Ognibene Montgomery-Jackson
Kentucky Torchon-Duke Kurz
Louisiana Spruill Kurz
Maine Edwards Matthews
Maryland Spruill Matthews
Massachusetts Di Taranto Thomas
Michigan Di Taranto Thomas
Minnesota Kurz Eggleston
Mississippi Thomas Matthews
Missouri Torchon-Duke Spruill
Montana (A-G) Kurz Ognibene
Montana (H-Z) Matthews Ognibene
Nebraska Villalobos Eggleston
Nevada Di Taranto Thomas
New Hampshire Kurz Edwards
New Jersey Matthews Eggleston
New Mexico Montgomery-Jackson Ognibene
New York Edwards Spruill
North Carolina Torchon-Duke Di Taranto
North Dakota Eggleston Spruill
Ohio Di Taranto Thomas
Oklahoma (A-K) Villalobos Kurz
Oklahoma (L-Z) Henderson Montgomery-Jackson
Oregon Henderson Di Taranto
Pennsylvania Di Taranto Thomas
Rhode Island Dunham Matthews
South Carolina Di Taranto Thomas
South Dakota Eggleston Matthews
Tennessee Spruill Di Taranto
Texas Spruill Di Taranto
Utah Thomas Eggleston
Vermont Eggleston Matthews
Virginia Matthews Spruill
Washington (A-M) Ognibene Edwards
Washington (N-Z) Dunham Edwards
West Virginia Edwards Matthews
Wisconsin Henderson Edwards
Wyoming Thomas Di Taranto
Guam Edwards Spruill
Puerto Rico Di Taranto Thomas
Virgin Islands Thomas Kurz

Contact List

Faatimah Muhammad, DirectorFaatimah.Muhammad@ed.gov202-453-6827
Amanda Ognibene, Group LeaderAmanda.Ognibene@ed.gov202-453-6637
Nick Di TarantoNicholas.DiTaranto@ed.gov202-453-7457
Jackie EdwardsJacqueline.Edwards@ed.gov202-260-1546
Cara KurzCara.Kurz@ed.gov202-453-5539
Lloyd MatthewsLloyd.Matthews@ed.gov202-260-1608
Lissa Montgomery-JacksonLissa.Jackson@ed.gov202-401-1060
Melissa Torchon-DukeMelissa.Torchon@ed.gov202-260-0732
Alejandra VillalobosAlejandra.Villalobos@ed.gov202-205-0075
Kristen Walls, Group LeaderKristen.Walls@ed.gov202-260-1357
Chad EgglestonChad.Eggleston@ed.gov202-260-2336
Charles HendersonCharles.Henderson@ed.gov202-453-5603
Kisha SpruillKisha.Spruill@ed.gov202-260-2292
Michael ThomasMichael.Thomas@ed.gov202-205-0316
Nanette DunhamNanette.Dunham@ed.gov202-260-2206
Robin GregoryRobin.Gregory@ed.gov202-260-2151