General Information

Grant Applications

  • Section 7002 Application Instructions (PDF)
    • For new Section 7002 applicants:
  • Section 7003 Application Instructions (PDF
  • Average Daily Attendance Sample Worksheet (MS Excel)
  • Blank FY 2025 Fiscal Report for Children with Disabilities (PDF)
  • Blank FY 2025 Fiscal Report for Construction (PDF)

Training and Webinars


  • Survey Methods and Flexibilities (PDF)
  • Survey Form and Source Check Regulatory Definitions (PDF)
  • Sample Survey Form (MS Word)
  • Sample Multiple Child Survey Form (MS Word)
  • Sample Multiple Child Survey Form Instructions (MS Word)
  • Sample Source Checks, All Categories (MS Excel)

Electronic Data Collection

  • Training Slides (PDF)
  • Proposal Questionnaire (MS Forms)
  • Demonstration Checklist (MS Word)
  • EDC Sample Report (MS Excel)
  • Best Practices Example (MS Forms)
  • FAQ (PDF)
  • Uniformed Services Branches and Pay Grades (PDF)

Indian Policies and Procedures

  • IPP Regulations (PDF)
  • Sample Indian Policies and Procedures Template (MS Word)
  • Sample IPP Waiver Letter (MS Word)
  • IPP Screening Checklist (PDF)
  • Waiver Screening Checklist (PDF)

Discretionary Construction Grants

(Field Reviews)

  • Monitoring Cover Pages and Checklist (MS Word)
  • Training: Monitoring Tips for Success (PDF)
  • IPP Implementation Questionnaire (MS Word)
  • Monitoring Checklist for LEAs in First Year of Electronic Data Collection (MS Word)


  • Section 7003 Payment Calculator (MS Excel)
    • This spreadsheet can help most LEAs estimate an upcoming Impact Aid Basic Support or CWD payment.  It is not able to factor in Small District LOT or Large District weight adjustments.
  • Calculation of Basic Support (PDF)
  • Calculation of Children with Disabilities Payments (PDF)
  • Calculation of Learning Opportunity Threshold (PDF)
  • Small District 40% LOT Worksheet (PDF)

State Equalization
(Section 7009)

  • Alaska Disparity Data (Alaska DEED Website)
  • Letter: Impact Aid Director to Alaska Superintendents Association regarding disparity data and regulations, April 19, 2024 (PDF)