Discretionary Construction Grants

General Information

  • State Attendance Ratios (PDF)
  • Impact Aid Program Glossary (MS Word)
  • Compliance Supplement (PDF)
  • Documentation Review Checklist (MS Word)
  • Documentation Review IPP Questionnaire (MS Word

Grant Applications

  • Section 7003 Application Instructions (PDF
  • Section 7002 Application Instructions (PDF)
  • Average Daily Attendance Sample Worksheet (MS Excel)
  • Blank FY 2022 Fiscal Report for Children with Disabilities (PDF)
  • Blank FY 2022 Fiscal Report for Construction (PDF)

Training Slides

  • IAGS Training Videos and User Guides
  • Electronic Data Collection Pilot (PDF)
  • How to Conduct a Survey (PDF)
  • How to Survive a Field Review (PDF)
  • Indian Policies and Procedures Implementation and Monitoring (PDF)
  • Indian Policies and Procedures Regulatory Compliance (PDF)
  • Section 7002 Overview (PDF)
  • Section 7003 for the Novice (PDF)
  • Understanding the 7003 Payment Formula (MS PowerPoint)

Survey Instruments

  • Survey Form and Source Check Regulatory Definitions (PDF)
  • Sample Survey Form (MS Word)
  • Sample Multiple Child Survey Form (MS Word)
  • Sample Multiple Child Survey Form Instructions (MS Word)
  • Sample Source Checks, All Categories (MS Excel)

Electronic Data Collection

Indian Policies and Procedures

  • IPP Regulations (PDF)
  • Sample Indian Policies and Procedures Template (MS Word)
  • Sample IPP Waiver Letter (MS Word)
  • IPP Screening Checklist (PDF)
  • Waiver Screening Checklist (PDF)
  • Monitoring Implementation Checklist (PDF)
  • Monitoring Implementation Questionnaire (MS Word)

(Field Reviews)

  • Letter to New and Non-Continuing LEAs without Indian Lands or with an IPP Waiver (MS Word)
  • Letter to LEAs for IPP Compliance Monitoring (MS Word)
  • Letter to LEAs for IPP Implementation Monitoring (MS Word)


  • Calculation of Basic Support (PDF)
  • Calculation of Children with Disabilities Payments (PDF)
  • Calculation of Learning Opportunity Threshold (PDF)
  • Small District 40% LOT Worksheet (PDF)