Director’s Quarterly Update – FY 2024, Q2

IAP Director’s Quarterly Newsletter Q2 FY24 (PDF file)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our second issue of the Impact Aid Director’s Quarterly Update.  We are excited to feature one of our special teams in this edition. Their work plays a critical role in the distribution of Impact Aid grant funds. In the next quarterly newsletter, we look forward to featuring best practices from one of our stellar federally impacted districts.

Funding Updates

As of today, the Department of Education is funded through March 22, 2024.  For fiscal year (FY) 2024, we are currently paying Section 7003 local educational agencies (LEAs) at a proration of 50%, including payment adjustments due to Generally Comparable District Local Contribution Rates and Heavily Impacted payments under Section 7003(b)(2).  All eligible grantees received an initial payment for Children with Disabilities at $500 per Weighted Student Unit.  Section 7002 LEAs have received their foundation payments.



FY 2023 Final Appropriation

FY 2024 Distributions Under Continuing Resolution as of 3/4/24

Basic Support



Federal Property



Children with Disabilities






Special Team Spotlight

The Generally Comparable District (GCD) team has showcased their skills by initiating the GCD process earlier this year, leading to an earlier disbursement of Impact Aid payments. This strategic move not only underscores the team’s dedication but also exemplifies their commitment to ensuring LEAs receive their maximum payment under this provision.

The FY 24 GCD team consists of the following analysts: Chad Eggleston (lead), Michael Thomas, Alejandra Villalobos, and Lloyd Matthews. Kudos to the team for their hard work in this process of grantmaking.

FY 2025 Application Season Update

We received 1,004 Section 7003 applications and 206 Section 7002 applications in January, with 56% percent submitted in the final week before the deadline.

Facilities Maintenance – Section 7008

On Tuesday, December 19, 2023, the Impact Aid Director signed the Transfer of Ownership package for the new Randolph Field Elementary School located on Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.  Congratulations to the Randolph Field School District!  There are now only four Department of Education-owned school buildings on military installations, and we expect two of the remaining facilities to transfer to LEAs in FY 2024.

Grantee Satisfaction Survey

The Department of Education is ramping up its FY 2024 Grantee Satisfaction Survey.  All 7002 applicants will be surveyed and 20% of section 7003 applicants will be randomly selected for the survey. The launch date is slated for April 1, 2024.

As always, reach out to us anytime for assistance, and feel free to contact your program analyst directly here:


Faatimah Muhammad

Director, Impact Aid